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Caraudio-Systems was founded in 2004. As a young and motivated team we are able to flexibly adjust ourselves to a customer’s needs in a fast and focused manner. Since 2008 the company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in the fields of development, production, and distribution. We can therefore guarantee a consistent quality level of our products.

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Our goal besides maintaining a high quality standard is to always remain agile and up to speed in order to continually provide you as our customer with a wide range of problem solutions in the areas of CAN, MOST®, as well as all other bus systems employed in the automobile industry and for both new and established vehicular technologies and components.

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Our interfaces are in full compliance with EMV guidelines and carry the “E” stamp. This certificate can only be handed out by accredited laboratories and attests the interference free integration of our components into a vehicle.

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