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Caraudio-Systems was founded in February 2004 with location in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. An innovative product range was developed through their own development and production at the Ludwigshafen location. The continuous growth, expansion of the in-house development and the expansion of SMT line had moved us to found today's Caraudio-Systems Vertriebs GmbH in May 2008.


With the move to the Bobenheim-Roxheim location in 2016, expansion of production to further state-of-the-art assembly machines, inspection and soldering systems, increasing the number of participants in the areas of development, marketing and production as well as certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 we are today one of the world leading companies in the area of multimedia networking of vehicles in the aftermarket area.


Further certifications for the areas of security and health (ISO 45001) and environmental management (ISO 14001) with which CAS from March 2023 will meet the requirements of industry the awareness and responsibility of our environment and our employees.

> Goals


In addition to maintaining high quality standards, our goal is to stay agile and at the pulse of the times in order to offer our customers a modern and reliable product range. In addition to researching new technologies, observation and response to market development, constant contact with customers, suppliers and a modern and flexible SMT production line.

> Credentials


- Cooperation with Alpine® Europe in the area of 360 ° Top view camera system

- Cooperation with Blaupunkt® in the area of double DIN radio retrofitting

- Cooperation with Liebherr Hydraulikbagger® in the area of control of additional


- Cooperation with Land Rover® UK in the area of retrofitting digital TV recipients.

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